miniZ is a fast and friendly Equihash/Ethash/ProgPoW/Octopus/KarlsenHash/PyrinHash miner

  • Supports most Equihash algorithm variants:
    • <144,5> (Zhash) NVIDIA & AMDminiZ is a fast and friendly Equihash Cuda miner. Telemetry monitoring
    • <125,4> (ZelHash) NVIDIA & AMD
    • <144,5s> (BeamHash III) NVIDIA
    • <210,9> NVIDIA 
    • <192,7> (Equihash Heavy) NVIDIA & AMD
    • <150,5> NVIDIA
    • <96,5> NVIDIA (only versions ≤ v2.2c)
  • ProgPoW (KawPoW…) NVIDIA & AMD
  • Ethash (Ethash) NVIDIA & AMD
  • EthashB3 NVIDIA & AMD
  • Octopus NVIDIA
  • KarlsenHash NVIDIA
  • PyrinHash NVIDIA
  • kHeavyHash NVIDIA & AMD (only versions ≤ v2.3c)
  • Requires minimum 2GB GPU’s.
    Ex. GTX 1050 2GB.
  • Supports most mining pools.
  • miniZ works on Linux and Windows.
  • Cool console output and telemetry monitoring.
  • Developer fee is set to:
    Equihash: 2%;
    ProgPoW: 1%;
    Ethash: 0.75%;
    EthashB3: 1%
    Octopus: 2%;
    KarlsenHash: 0.8%.
    PyrinHash: 0.8%.
    kHeavyHash: 0.8%. (≤ v2.3c)

For a detailed description of features read here.


To start running miniZ go to the Download page here. Next, you can read the Usage  and FAQ pages, for instructions and examples.

On miniZ Blog page you can find all the announcements on new optimized versions/releases.

Furthermore, miniZ team will always strive to give you support and feedback. Please check the Support page, for more information.

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Wishes of a fast and friendly mining experience!