miniZ Equihash miner includes a cool telemetry monitoring option, which is useful to supervise the GPU/rig mining activity.

Open your browser, use the same location that was specified in the command line. Default is http://localhost:20000/

The page should present something as follows:


miniZ telemetry monitoring option - Telemetry panel


The ‘Total’ line displays the sum of GPUs values. For temperature and Sol/W where ‘Total’ displays highest and average value, respectively.

Here you can also check power consumption and efficiency (W and  Sol/W).

Note: for GTX1050/GTX1050Ti you’ll always read the power limit specified for your device, since NVIDIA’s recent drivers do not report power consumption for these GPUs.

Additionally, by clicking on GPUs names, or Total,  you can open a page with some plots. Example for 2070, http://localhost:20000/gplots0:


 miniZ telemetry monitoring option - Plots


If you click on miniZ mascot (holding console) you’ll open http://localhost:20000/console, which shows the console output.

Telemetry - Console Output

If you are experiencing any trouble with miniZ telemetry, please report here.