miniZ GUI Launcher

miniZ version v1.2l includes a GUI Launcher that intents to help you through a fast and friendly GPU mining start.

Inside the compressed .zip folder you will find the GUI .exe file and the respective SHA256sum.

File inside miniZ zip compressed file.

Launch miniZ

Click on miniZ_gui.exe file.

miniZ GUI Launcher.

  1. Name: .bat filename. When starting miniZ the launcher saves the command line to a .bat file. This file is created in the same folder and you can retrieve it in the future.
  2. Enable SSL: check if SSL is required.
  3. Server: pool server.
  4. Port: pool port number.
  5. Wallet: write your wallet address, or username, depending on the pool.
  6. Worker: your worker/rig/gpu name.
  7. Password: worker password. Default is ‘x’. Usually not needed, depends on the pool.
  8. Algo: open the algorithm dropdown menu: <144,5> <125,4> <150,5,3> <210,9> <150,5> <192,7> or <96,5>. Default is 144,5. Usually not required, depends on the pool.
  9. Pers.: open the coin personalisation string dropdown menu. Default is BgoldPoW. Usually not required, depends on the pool. If the required pers. is not in the menu you can use the field to specify as needed.
  10. Extra: write here other optional miniZ command line arguments.
  11. Command: command line that will be executed in Windows CMD shell when starting miner.
  12. Automatic restart: check to enable restart for unvoluntary miner exits.
  13. : delete the selected .bat file.
  14. Telemetry: open localhost:20000 in your default browser.
  15. Start: start miniZ miner. Opens CMD shell and executes the Command (as in 11), plus automatic restart if enabled..
  16. Quit: close miniZ_gui window.

Run miniZ GUI Launcher – example

You can easily adapt the following example to other coins and pools. If you need any further help please leave a comment below.

Open the GUI launcher and fill in the required information. Example to run Bitcoin Gold on 2miners pool:

miniZ launcher. Example BTG.

You can specify the algorithm in Algo, and the personalisation string in Pers., however this is not necessary in this case.

Dropdown Menus Algorithm and Personalisation String. BTG example.

When you click Start button, you may get this message if you have created it before. Click OK to overwrite, or Cancel to change the file name.

Save .bat file. Overwrite?


When you hit the OK button, a Windows CMD shell opens and executes the command line you specified. miniZ starts mining.

Windows CMD Shell. miniZ running.


You can see the miniZ_btg.bat file was created in the same folder as miniZ miner.

Also, you can find the log file (miniZ.log) there, remember that we wrote --log in the Extra field.

Saved .bat files.


That is it! You managed to get your GPUs mining with miniZ GUI Launcher on Windows.

If you have any question leave us a message. Support

Happy mining!