Windows mining guide: how to mine BTG?

We realized that some of you struggle with some issues when starting mining BTG using Windows. Hence, we thought it may be useful for the community to write a few guidelines on how to start BTG mining with miniZ on Windows. For additional information, you can also check miniZ FAQ page.

We hope this will help you get started.

1. Download miniZ for BTG mining

First, navigate to the Download page where you will find miniZ Cuda 8 and Cuda 10 versions. In general you can chose. We suggest you to test both versions and chose the one that performs best with your hardware settings. Nevertheless, there are a couple of tips that can help you decide:

  1. Do you have RTX GPUs? Then go for Cuda 10 version. RTX will not run on Cuda 8.
  2. Which NVIDIA driver do you have installed? As we report here, Cuda 10 version requires NVIDIA 411.31 driver or later. Therefore, if you have older drivers you may need to run Cuda 8 or update the driver.

You do not know which driver you have installed? Check this quick guide on How to check NVIDIA driver version easily on Windows.

2. Unzip the file

After downloading the windows .zip file you will need to unzip it, to extract the files it contains.

Windows usually provides a software to extract files from compressed folders. Right click on .zip file and select “Extract all…”, select OK.

Compressed Folder Tools: Select "Extract All..." to unzip file on Windows.

Next, click “Extract” to confirm the operation. Files will be extracted to the specified folder, you can change this location if you want.

Compressed Folder Tools: Click "Extract" button to confirm.

Once you click “Extract”, the software will create a folder where you can find two files:

  1. miniZ.exe – the miner.
  2. miniZ.exe.sha256sum – a file containing a string, the hash of miniZ.exe file (sha256). It is good policy to check the file hash, if the hash you calculate and the one in the file are not the same do not run miniZ.exe and let us know by leaving us a comment. If you downloaded the file from our website everything should be OK.

To get the hash of a file on Windows use Get-FileHash cmd.

On the folder menu bar, go to “File” and select “Open Windows PowerShell”.

Open Windows PowerShell.

Once the Windows PowerShell opens, write “Get-FileHash miniZ.exe”.

Get-FileHash cmd in Wiindows PowerShell. Verify file hash for Windows mining.

Compare the string you get with the hash on the miniZ.exe.sha256sum file.

3. The batch file

3.1 Create the batch file

To start mining using a batch file you need to create new document. But first check whether you can see the filename extensions. In the menu bar, go to “View” and check the “File name extensions” box (if not selected already).

Show file name extensions.

Right click to open the menu and select “New” -> “Text Document”.

Create new document: Open menu (mouse right button click). Select "New" -> "Text Document"

Next, change the name of the file to “miniZ_btg.bat”. The file must have “.bat”extension, so you must delete “.txt”.

Create batch file for Windows mining. Change file name to Ex. "miniZ_zel.bat"

3.2 Edit the batch file

You have just created the batch file, however it is still empty.

So, to open the file: right-click on file and select “Edit”. Windows will open the file with notepad.

Edit batch file. BTG example.

For the purpose of this Windows mining guide, the example is constructed to mine Bitcoin Gold using 2miners pool. Yet, the command line is quite similar for other coins and pools. You can check our series of “How to mine…” in FAQ for further usage examples.

Also, here you can add your miniZ command line arguments as you wish. Check Usage page for detailed list of all available options.

Mining Bitcoin Gold (BTG) in 2miners pool. Setting up personal information and miniZ miner options.

Do not forget to adapt for your personal settings.

We added “pause” to the end of the file to prevent the command window to close. For example, if there is a error the window will remain open and you’ll be able to read it immediately. Of course, if you run miniZ with --log you can read the error message in the log file as well.

Then, save the file. On the notepad menu bar, go to “File” -> “Save”.

Save .bat file.

The batch file is saved where it was first created, in the same folder as miniZ.exe.

4. Run miniZ

Finally, to run miniZ you only need to doubleclick on the batch file. A CMD shell window will open and miniZ will start running.

Comand line window, running miniZ.

Because we had -cd 3 in the .bat file, miniZ starts running with the selected graphics GPU 3. Because no valid user wallet was entered, the miner stopped. So, after adding a valid wallet we manage to get miniZ running. You should too. 🙂

miniZ mining BTG on Windows

Notice that, once miniZ starts running it creates a new file miniZ.log, the log file. In the case you need to modify any information you know already how to edit the batch file. 😉

You made it! You managed to get your GPUs mining BTG with miniZ on Windows.

5. Using the GUI Launcher

miniZ version v1.2l introduced a GUI Launcher. Now it is even easier to set up the .bat file and start miniZ.

To run the command line from the previous example simply fill in the information like this:

BTG example. miniZ GUI Launcher.

For more details about the GUI check here. You can also find additional information on miniZ FAQ page.

Happy BTG mining!