How to create a .bat file (using miniZ GUI launcher)?

  • We made available a few Windows .bat files on Download page for you to launch miniZ. These are just a few examples to help you get started. Feel free to customize them to your own needs, and do not forget to add your wallet addresses and worker names.
  • You can also create your own .bat file. For this you need to create a new text file, and when giving it a name do not forget to set the .bat extension. Then you can paste there a command line with other miner options (ex. add --show-pers to show personalisation string). Or add extra functionalities (ex. auto restart the miner).
  • Alternatively, you can use the miniZ GUI launcher, given with the miniZ Windows packages. The following link will guide you through it.

miniZ GUI Launcher

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I am using Windows and my console output is a mess.

When you run miniZ, you have various arguments available that enable you to customize your console output and get the information about what is going on with your mining.

The use of colors makes it easier for the user to check the information (check here to see how it looks like). However, if you are not using Windows 10, it is likely that the console output gets all cluttered and unreadable.

The easiest solution is to use the --nocolor argument when running miniZ. This will help clean up the console. The downside is that you get rid of colors too.

If you like to have a more colorful output, you should know that you can install another console on Windows. We tried ConEmu terminal emulator and it worked fine. (Helper videos can be found on Youtube, example) There are others available, which should also work OK. 

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How to start miniZ on Windows?

We realized that some of you struggle with some issues when starting mining using Windows.

We hope this will help you get started.

Windows mining step-by-step: how to start miniZ on Windows?

How to set up miniZ in Hive OS? [Deprecated]

** Hive OS already includes miniZ out of the box 🙂 **

To use miniZ with Hive OS, you only have to create a new Flight Sheet.

We keep instructions updated @ our Blog.

See the latest here

Happy mining!