Mining on 2miners

In miniZ v1.0i we added as default mining pool server.

To use miniZ with 2miners you only need to specify btg, btcz, or anon instead of the whole server name and port number. miniZ will autocomplete for you :

./miniZ --url wallet.worker@btcz --log --gpu-line --extra

If you are mining solo just write: solo-btg, solo-btcz, solo-anon.

./miniZ --url wallet.worker@solo-anon --log --gpu-line --templimit 70 --extra

For BTG, if you are using a non european server you need to write: us-btg or us-solo-btg (us server); asia-btg or asia-solo-btg (asia server).

./miniZ --url wallet.worker@asia-solo-btg --log --gpu-line --templimit 70 --extra

For more information on options and usage examples read here.


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