miniZ v1.5q6 is out!

Hi everyone,
Thank you for your feedback!

You can find  miniZ v1.5q6 here. There are a few improvements, and we have added a few options that some of you asked for.

In brief:
* Performance improvement for 192,7. (Up to 4% on RTX)
* Added --jobtimeout, --retries, --retrydelay for (re)connection customization.
* Added --cleanjobs for miner to only accept clean jobs.
* Better connection handling.
* Bug fixes.

For additional information check our Usage or FAQ pages.
Let us know how it goes!

Happy mining!

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  1. djarek says:

    hi is the files of the latest version corrupted?

    • miniZ says:

      Hi djarek,
      the files seem OK to us. Also, there are many people using them.
      Which files are you referring to? Are you getting any error?

      • djarek says:

        hi , when i try to extract the zipped folder , i get an error message about ” corrupted files “

        • miniZ says:

          Hi djarek,
          is it with cuda 8 or cuda 10?
          We checked the files and they extract fine. Maybe try to download again, if you haven’t already.
          Maybe check if your antivirus is wrongly marking the files as infected.
          Let us know if you managed to overcome this.

          • djarek says:

            sorry mate my fault , windows defender marking files as infected when i turned it off it worked fine
            thx mate, have a good day

  2. armoredminer says:

    hi dev any advice for solo mining ? miniZ is faster and gives more hashrate than any miner but when i try solo mining miniZ is unlucky compared to another miner, i get about 3-7% rejected shares and temperature is heater aboit 3° or 4° compared to another miner whith the same settings.

    • miniZ says:

      Hi armoredminer,

      Thank you for your message. Sorry for taking a bit longer than usual to respond.
      miniZ should be able to mine solo, we have tested it on a couple of algos. Also, we know it is able to find blocks on various pools.
      However, you mention having rejected shares. Could you tell us what are you mining and to which pool? We assume that you are using version v1.5q6, right?
      We will have a look.

  3. grompy says:

    Great job on the perf improvement on 192,7 for both RTX and GTX. I run some RTX 2060 Super and a couple GTX 1660 Ti and the + 4% is real.

    This is some serious work you’ve done here. Kudos!!