Which algo for 1060 3GB at this moment?

Hi everyone,

Motivated by a question on Twitter we did a quick check into which algorithm is more profitable to mine with the GTX1060 3GB.

A straigthforward and pragmatic approach to answering this question can be given by navigating to whattomine.com and filling in the hashrates/power consumption for all miniZ supported algorithms.

We filled in the values for various conditions, namely stock, Eco, Eco70, and OC values and sorted by 24h profitability (see our reported values on the respective algo pages: 144,5; 150,5,3150,5; 192,796,5125,4210,9). Unfortunately the website doesn’t support 150,5 (GRIMM, CASH) and 96,5 (MNX), so one must have this in consideration latter on.

Here’s what we got:

  Stock Eco Eco70 OC
1 210,9 210,9 210,9 210,9
2 192,7 192,7 150,5,3 192,7
3 125,4 125,4 192,7 125,4
4 144,5 144,5 125,4 144,5
5 150,5,3 150,5,3 144,5 150,5,3

We excluded the lowest volume coins (<0.1 BTC), but included ZER and ZCL (=0.1 BTC). Note that if you filter by volume >0.1 BTC the 192,7 “disappears” from the table.

Looking at the table we see that:

  • Best algo to mine with GTX1060 3GB depends a bit on the OCs we apply to the GPU;
  • 210,9 is at the moment the most profitable, for all conditions;
  • If one applies a more stringent volume filter 2nd place goes to 125,4, except for Eco70.
  • For Eco 70% the 150,5,3 jumps from last to 2nd place. With other overclock conditions and stock 150,5,3 is always the 5th;
  • OCs do not change the relative order of the algorithms, except for the 150,5,3 in Eco70 conditions.

We looked for information for 150,5 (GRIMM, CASH) and 96,5 (MNX) and found some information for 150,5 @minerstat, and for 96,5 @coincalculators.io. We fill in the values and see that both would come last in the table above.

In summary…

Based on WhatToMine information it seems that at this moment the most profitable algorithm to mine with the GTX1060 3GB is 210,9, second by 192,7. If one applies a more stringent volume filter 2nd place goes to 125,4, and 192,7 seems to ‘disappear’. However, if applying our Eco70 oc’s do consider 150,5,3 too. One important information relates to the operating system: for 3GB GPUs 192,7 is not supported on Windows 10. Also, for the 3GB GPU 150,5 is slower on Windows 10 than Linux.

You should take into consideration that these results fluctuate a lot so you’ll need pay attention to the market and maybe is best use a few of the tools availabe. Also, it may be good to check each coin/project robustness for more medium/long term profitability forecast.

Hope this helped.

Happy mining!

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