miniZ v1.8z is out!

Hi everyone,

A new miniZ version v1.8z is out with improved performance and stability for Ethash mining locked GPUs.

Based on your feedback, we introduced a few new options with this release.

Also, you can also find that miniZ is starting to support AMD mining! For the moment support is only for 125,4 algo and for RX 470/480/570/580 GPUs. Soon we’ll extend this to other algos.

For detailed changelog, read below.

Please find miniZ version v1.8z Download page.

miniZ v1.8z is out!


  • Improved performance and stability for ETH for LHR GPUs.
  • Improved performance for RTX 30XX, for 125,4 algorithm (Flux).
  • Added AMD support for 125,4 (Flux), for RX 470/480/570/580 GPUs.
  • Added FIRO support. Check How to mine Firo (Firo)? On our FAQ page.
  • GPU brand shows on log.
  • Fixed issues with SERO.
  • Fixed issues with 192,7.
  • Added option to dump pool stratum communication, --protocol-dump.
  • Added options to fix core and mem clocks. (require sudo)
    --gpuclock=[gpuclock(MHz)] to apply list of GPU clocks, works for sm>=7. Use gpuclock=1 for auto.
    --memclock=[memclock(MHz)] to apply list of memory clocks, works for sm>=7. Use memclock=1 for auto.
  • Added option to change power limit within the miniZ.
    --power=[power(W)] to apply list of power limits (requires sudo).
    or -pl [power(W)]
  • Added option for SOCKS proxy specification, --socks=[proxy].
    Format [username:password@]server:port.
    The prefix username:password@ is optional.
  • Added option to let SOCKS proxy resolve DNS requests, --socksdns.
  • Added options --amd/--nvidia to select amd/nvidia GPUs, respectively.
  • Added the short average avg0 to getstat.
  • Minor bug fixes.


OCs for LHR GPUs (sudo recommended, in Linux)
We also leave here information regarding the OCs we used for testing (driver 510.54). Note that you may need to adjust a bit for your system. We recommend using sudo in Linux when mining ETH with LHR GPUs.

  • 3060: core: -100, mem:+2990 (Linux)*, PL=115 W; ~39 MH/s
  • 3070 Ti: core: -200, mem: +4500 (Linux)*, PL=215 W; ~65 MH/s
  • 3080 Ti: core: +0, mem: +2600 (Linux)*, PL=266 W. ~79 MH/s (~84 MH/s with proper cooling)

* On Windows, memory clock with MSI Afterburner should be half of the indicated value. For example, for the 3080 Ti you need to set +1300 for memory clock in MSI Afterburner. Note that you may need to adjust a bit for your system.

*** Thank you all for the feedback! ***

Remember to try --oc1/--oc2/--ocX options for optimum performance.

For additional information check our Usage or FAQ pages.

*** Download miniZ version v1.8z here. ***

Engage, feedback and support

Because your feedback is very important, miniZ kindly encourages you to use the comment box below for general questions and feedback.

Certainly we will strive to help you with any doubt and provide a solution to any problem you may encounter. In case you need to reach us, please check the Support page.

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We wish you a fast and friendly mining experience!



  1. Mike says:

    I have a computer on windows 10 that only has a amd rx 580 in it I fired up for flux mining with it and all it keeps saying over and over LoadLibrary “nvcuda.dll” failed! that looks like it looking for a nvidia gpu still? any idea how to fix this? i tried doing –amd it just says no device selected.

    • miniZ says:

      Hi Mike,
      Thank you for the feedback.
      You may need to find nvcuda.dll… However, it seems that on Windows, amd mining with miniZ is not working well. Sorry about this
      We’re investigating this. Soon we’ll release a better version that fixes the issue.

  2. Dennis says:

    Awsome! If you culd add a FAN controll would be awsomer. Fan controll to hold a specific core temp? Or mem temp? <3

  3. 3ASl says:


    Added AMD support for 125,4 (Flux), for RX 470/480/570/580 GPUs.

    tested on Polaris, doesn’t work, error “miniz exited (exitcode=1), waiting to cooldown a bit”

  4. Leki says:

    Are you tested with nvidia 460.39 driver on hiveOS? I am downloading now and asking for advice.

    • miniZ says:

      Hi Leki,
      Are you experiencing any issue?
      We tested with that driver version.

      • Leki says:

        Yes, and it is not stable at all. After few minutes starts with rejected shares. OC was Core -100 Mem 2600 PW 100. My extra setings is only dag fix and mode 80. With rc1 version I have 0.5% rejected shares in 24h and about 1-2% stales. Problem is after 1-2 days starts unstable work. To many rejected in few hours, its like 10% in 24h. After the restart it goes in the circle again.5 GPU 3060 rev1 12gb.I will try with driver 510.54, but my problem is that rig is to far from me and update drivers isnt easy and fast. 🙁 ‘Couse that I would like to stay on 460.39.

        • miniZ says:

          Hi Leki,
          We could not reproduce your issue with rejected shares.

          However, we tested with your OCs and both drivers (460.39 and 510.54) and to get rid of the lock @100W we had to add tune option.

          If this happens, you can add --tune=value to your command line, try values between 200 and 216.

          If you run with power 110-115W, it should not be necessary to use tune.
          Let us know how it goes.

  5. Aaron says:

    Does the clock lock not work on 20 series cards?

  6. Reugner says:
      0d 0h18m40s]   S:   13  /  0  /  0     39  (38.4)MH/s 116(113.9)W [] (  97.45%  ) (  2.55%  )   0>  RTX 3060 v2  [80]      100%   [  61°C  /70%]  *     38.51  (38.41)MH/s 116(113.9)W clk=1590MHz mclk=8725MHz MH/W=0.337  [ 0d 0h18m50s]   S:   13  /  0  /  0     39  (38.4)MH/s 118(114.0)W [] (  97.50%  ) (  2.50%  )   0>  RTX 3060 v2  [80]      100%   [  62°C  /70%]    38.51  (38.41)MH/s 118(114.0)W clk=1507MHz mclk=8725MHz MH/W=0.337 
  7. iotapi says:

    Hi,I have found that on a certain evga 3080TI ( I have 6 in this rig, this one is special i guess ) miniz will crash at miner startup with an unknown error 999. I tried adjusting clocks and power limits. WHen I go back to the previous release this issue does not show. Please reach out if you need some special logs.

    • miniZ says:

      Hi iotapi,
      Could you share your OCs? We’ll try it out with your settings.
      Are you mining Flux? For Flux mining, we run the 3080Ti @266W, core clock=+90 and mem clock=-2000 (Linux).

  8. ItsAllGoodMining says:

    It seems miniZ v.1.8z on HiveOS 0.6-217@220505 does not support AMD RX580 cards yet.Upon start up I see:Number of MiniZ CUDA>=[8.0] using driver CUDA[0.00] devices found: 4miniZ: Excluding GPU#4 Radeon RX 580 miniZ: Excluding GPU#5 Radeon RX 580 miniZ: Excluding GPU#6 Radeon RX 580 miniZ: Excluding GPU#7 Radeon RX 580

    • miniZ says:

      Hi ItsAllGoodMining,
      Thank you for the feedback.
      Weird, we tested v1.8z with RX580 in HiveOS and it was working fine.
      If you add -cd=4,5,6,7 to your command line, to ‘force’ miniZ to select the GPUs.
      Does this work?
      In the next version amd support will be greatly improved. It should be out soon.
      Let us know how it goes.

  9. Nazir says:

    Hi Miniz. Can you confirm if the details on how to setup Miniz on windows is still up to date?


  10. Jim Hood says:

    Hello miniZ. I am having fun finding a stable OC config for 1.8z and my RTX 3090 with Micron memory. It is freezing the PC between a couple of hours to under a day depending on the OC settings. I am using Nvidia’s Game Ready Driver 512.59 on Windows 11. Recommendations for stable OC settings?

  11. jose paulo gomes junior says:

    Hi, I am rying to run 1.8z version on GPU Nvidia 1650 and after download, it already freeze after show:– 1:miniz — time-stamp — May/10/22 9:50:35 –Installing hive-miners-miniz-1.8z0% [Working] Hit:1 InRelease0% [Waiting for headers]0% [1 InRelease gpgv 1724 B] [Waiting for headers] 0% [Waiting for headers] Hit:2 InRelease 0% [Working]0% [2 InRelease gpgv 1724 B] 20% [Working] Reading package lists… 0%Reading package lists… 0%Reading package lists… 1%Reading package lists… 36%Reading package lists… 36%Reading package lists… 73%Reading package lists… 73%Reading package lists… DoneReading package lists…Building dependency tree…Reading state information…The following NEW packages will be installed: hive-miners-miniz-1.8z0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 3 not upgraded.Need to get 21.3 MB of archives.After this operation, 0 B of additional disk space will be used.Get:1 hive-miners-miniz-1.8z 0.6-01 [21.3 MB]– 1:miniz — time-stamp — May/10/22 9:50:35 –Version y4rc2 works fine.Can you help?

    • jose paulo gomes junior says:

      I was trying mining FLUX.

      • miniZ says:

        Hi Jose Paulo,
        It seems that Hive OS was not able to add v1.8z.
        We already released version v1.8z2. Could you try to upgrade miniZ to the latest version?
        Let us know how it goes?

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