Hi everyone,

A new miniZ version v2.0c3 is out with a fix for invalid shares issue on v2.0c2!

Please find miniZ version v2.0c3 Download page.

miniZ version v2.0c3 is out!



  • Fixed issue with invalid shares with v2.0c2.
  • Added support for Zilliqa (ZIL)+ all miniZ algos mining.
    (See FAQ How to mine Zilliqa (Zil)? for usage examples.)
  • Fixed progpow issues with Polaris GPUs.
  • Added support for RX 6500 XT (Navi 24 GPU). It should work with other Navi 24 GPUs.

 * * * Check if the option --autoclocks works for you, it can be very useful for changing OC settings during dual mining. * * *

For dual mining Equihash+ ZIL:

* * * We’re trying to make this as compatible as possible with pools.
Pools may also need to make adjustments to accommodate this feature.

* * * CrazyPool seems to work well, follow the examples below.
With ShardPool, it seems that sometimes the workers take some time to appear on pool side. We’ll be checking this.

* * *  With Nicehash  you need to add zil://

General example is usually of the form:
miniZ.exe --url=Your_Equihash_Wallet.Worker_Name@equihash_server_name:port



*** Thank you all for the feedback! ***

Remember to try --oc1/--oc2/--ocX options for optimum performance. (NVIDIA only)

For additional information check our Usage or FAQ pages.

*** Download miniZ latest version here. ***

Engage, feedback and support

Because your feedback is very important, miniZ kindly encourages you to use the comment box below for general questions and feedback.

Certainly we will strive to help you with any doubt and provide a solution to any problem you may encounter. In case you need to reach us, please check the Support page.

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We wish you a fast and friendly mining experience!



  1. Cam says:

    unfortunately this doesnt seem to be algo switching during the ZIL window for Flux + ZIL. Using the example from the FAQ page and after 2 ZIL windows my windows rig hasnt shown up on crazypool yet. Any suggestions?

    • miniZ says:

      Hi Cam,
      The worker will only show after submitting shares.
      Could you paste here your command line?
      Maybe also the output of running
      miniZ.exe -ci ?

      • Cam says:

        I figured out How to get it to run but i’m getting a large amount of invalid shares from my amd rig, not sure the cause but wanted to make you aware. This is with flux and ZIL, invalid shares are on the ZIl pool, flux is fine.Thanks for your work!

        • miniZ says:

          Hi Cam,
          Thank you for your message.
          We’re having a look at this.
          It should be fixed in the next release.

  2. Flacdo says:

    Amazing, really nice work, is there a mining tutorial for HiveOS to get te new equihash+zil feature. Is it compatible ?Thank you Miniz team. No miners are better for flux !!keep going guys 🙂

  3. Josh says:

    Can we mine RVN and Zil on HiveOS? Its not given a 2nd box in flight sheet.

  4. Awesome0 says:

    Can I mine ZANO+ZIL dual mine 2 Different pools?

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