Argument options for automatic tuning performance and efficiency: --ocX

*** Do not use --ocX when mining with RTX 30XX with anti-mining lock. ***

From v1.5t3 version you can use --ocX for miniZ to automatically choose the best kernel for your GPU.
Available for 125,4 and 150,5,3 algorithms in v1.5t3. Available in all algorithms from v1.5u version.

--ocX  is a new option that runs a few available miniZ kernels and chooses the one that performs best.1 It starts with the one set by default, the one we chose to be the best in stock settings. For a few GPUs the defaults are not optimised because we did not have access to that GPU model for testing. Generally, from each algo table performance you can infer which GPUs we tested.

    • To run ocX you only have to add it to your command line. Ex.:
miniZ.exe --url --log --ocX

If you have more that one GPU, it will start optimisation for all GPUs, asynchronously. It starts mining with default kernels, we called it mode in the messages:

After stabilizing a bit (temperature, performance..) miniZ will start switching modes:

After testing all available modes for that GPU it will stop switching.

Some GPUs may finish later. This will be OK, since the ones that tested everything first will start mining with the mode(s) that performed best. There is no need to stop and restart miniZ.

After the tune is finished, take note of the mode in case you want to use it later (we may improve this in future versions). You can run a mode for your rig, or a specific GPU, by using --mode. This is still a work in progress but we have a separate FAQ for it here.

  • To run ocX on a specific GPU. Ex. apply ocX to GPU 3:
miniZ.exe --url --log --ocX=3

In this case, optimisation will only start for GPU 3, similarly to what is shown above. The other GPUs will just start mining as usual.

  • To run ocX on specific GPUs. Ex. apply ocX to GPU 0 and GPU 3:
miniZ.exe --url --log --ocX=0,3

In this case, optimisation will only start for GPU 0 and GPU 3. The other GPUs will just start mining as usual.

Keep in mind that when you apply OCs to a GPU it is possible that some kernels do become unstable and others do not. But, if a mode is dramatically unstable also after you try it with stock settings, we appreciate that you contact us 🙂 Reporting GPU model, miniZ version, mode in question, and algorithm is very useful in this case. Thanks!

1 --ocX is different from --oc1/--oc2.
--oc1 or --oc2 will set a specific kernel mode for the GPUs. --ocX will select and run a few kernels and let you know which performed best. Do not use/apply oc1/oc2/ocX (or --mode)at the same time on the same GPU. This could cause confusion in understanding miniZ behavior. One of the options will prevail though, usually the last one appearing in the command line.

For other command line arguments check Usage page.

Happy mining!