How to define more that one password for multiple mining pool servers?

Sometimes one wants to define multiple failover pools, and some of these may require a password.

However, when writing the (long) command line in the shell the password will be set equal for both. If the password cannot be the same in all pools then, the only way to define more than one password is by creating a configuration file. This is also very handy when the line is long.

You can read the FAQ about creating a configuration file. Yet, we repeat here a little with focus on how to define two passwords.

1. Add --write-config to your command line, and run. (add your information):

miniz.exe --par=192,7 --pers=auto --url=user_xxx.worker@poolserver1:2144 --pass x1 --url=user2_xxx.worker@poolserver2:2144 --pass x2 --write-config

miniZ will create miniZ.conf file…with both pass equal. You’ll need to edit the file and correct it.

Note that if you want to give it a different name, then add filename.conf to command line, right after the --write-config:

miniz.exe --par=192,7 --pers=auto --url=user_xxx.worker@poolserver1:2144 --pass x1 --url=user2_xxx.worker@poolserver2:2144 --pass x2 --write-config filename.conf

2. Open your config file with a text editor. Go to “Servers”, and edit/correct the “pass” as you need, and save.

3. Then you’ll only need to run miniZ with --read-config.

If you want to read from the default file name:

miniZ.exe --read-config

or if you want to read from another file:

miniZ.exe --read-config filename.conf

Happy mining!