How to use --mode?

In some cases you may want to select a specific mode/kernel for miniZ to run in your GPU. This can happen for example after using --ocX1 to tune miniZ for a specific algo+GPU+OC, or just want to test it in another similar GPU.

At the moment, you will be able to run a mode for your rig, or a specific GPU, by using --modeĀ option. This is still a work in progress. We may find a better way to achieve the same task šŸ™‚

  • To select mode 8 for all GPUs in your rig:
    miniZ.exe --url --log --mode 8


    miniZ.exe --url --log --mode=8
  • To select mode 8 for GPU 3:
    Note that in this case you cannot write with ‘=’ sign.

    miniZ.exe --url --log --mode3 8
  • To select mode 5 for GPU 0, and mode 3 for all other GPUs. The order matters. Ex:
    miniZ.exe --url --log --mode 3 --mode0 5
  • To select mode 8 for GPU 3, and mode 1 for GPU 4:
    miniZ.exe --url --log --mode3 8 --mode4 1
  • To select mode 5 for GPU 3 and for GPU 4:
    miniZ.exe --url --log --mode3 5 --mode4 5

Keep in mind that when you apply OCs to a GPU it is possible that some kernels do become unstable and others do not. But, if a mode is dramatically unstable also after you try it with stock settings, we appreciate that you contact us ? Reporting GPU model, miniZ version, mode in question, and algorithm is very useful in this case. Thanks!

1: Do not use/apply oc1/oc2/ocX (or --mode)at the same time on the same GPU. This could cause confusion in understanding miniZ behavior. One of the options will prevail though, usually the last one appearing in the command line.

For other command line arguments checkĀ UsageĀ page.

Happy mining!