mt options to adjust memory timings (Linux only)

From miniZ version v1.8y3, there are a few available options that will have impact on performance on some GPUs.

*** The --mt options will only apply settings to Pascal devices. ***

These improvements are usually applied to ethash/progpow algos, however equihash algos may also profit from them.

This option is known to work well with GTX 1080, GTX 1080Ti, and other devices with Hynix memory. Other GPUs may profit from this adjustments but to a much smaller extent.

The --mt options will require super user permissions.

  • --mt-auto: use automatic memory timings (sudo required)

If you are unsure about the timing values, use the --mt-dump option first to get a hint. Lower values usually will give a better performance.

  • --mt-dump: dump memory timings in use (sudo required).

To apply list of memory timings per GPU use --mt. Remember when using the --mt option to always specify the timing pair, with the values separated by ‘.’ such as ‘16.5’ .

  • --mt=[timings] [16-32].[3-9]: Ex. --mt=16.5. Always specify the timing pair. (sudo required)
    If you have multiple devices you can specify multiple values like this --mt 16.5,0,21.4. The 0 means no timings should be applied.

Warning: some values will be invalid for your GPU and may cause the driver/GPU to crash. In this case you will need to restart your rig/system/computer. Use with caution.


Option inspired on the work by Tiago Shibata.
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