Hive OS support

Hi everyone,

we made a package for you to use miniZ with Hive OS.

* Tested on Hive OS 0.6, and added compatibility with Hive OS 0.5. *

You only have to create a new Flight Sheet: in Miner field select custom, then click in Setup Miner Config and fill the necessary fields as you see in the example figure.

*** Package is updated to v1.0j ***

  • Miner name: miniZ
  • Installation URL
  • Hash algorithm (choose from the drop down menu list): equihash 144/5
  • Extra config arguments: --pers auto or your coin personalization string (Ex: --pers BgoldPoW).

Hive OS custom configuration support for miniZ integration.

Then apply changes by clicking on the button, and you can launch miniZ. 🙂

For support, questions and feedback use the comment box below.

Happy mining!




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  1. Keerthana Ramalingam says:

    Hi. I have a query here. Can I mine my own equihash coin with miniZ? If yes, Kindly guide me through the process.

    • miniZ says:

      Hi Keerthana,
      you can mine your coin if it uses the Equihash 144,5 algorithm, and if you use a pool to mine. Can you tell us which coin and pool you’re using?