How to use miniZ with Hive OS

Hi everyone,

we made a package for you to use miniZ with Hive OS.

* Tested on Hive OS 0.6, and added compatibility with Hive OS 0.5. *

To use miniZ with Hive OS, you only have to create a new Flight Sheet: in Miner field select custom, then click in Setup Miner Config and fill the necessary fields as you see in the example figure.

*** Package is updated to v1.4o ***

  • Miner name: miniZ
  • Installation URL:
  • Hash algorithm (choose from the drop down menu list): equihash 125/4, equihash 210/9, equihash 150/5, equihash 144/5, equihash 192/7 or equihash 96/5
  • Wallet and worker template:
    • ssl mining: ssl://%WAL%.%WORKER_NAME%
    • No ssl mining: %WAL%.%WORKER_NAME%
  • Extra config arguments:
    • Equihash 125,4: --par=125,4(mandatory), ZEL no need for personalization string. (Ex:--pers ZelProof).
    • Equihash 210,9:--par=210,9 (recommended), AION no need for personalization string. (Ex:--pers AION0PoW).
    • Equihash 150,5:--par=150,5, Beam no need for personalization string.
    • Equihash 144,5:--par=144,5(no need, default), your coin personalization string (Ex:--pers BgoldPoW, --pers BitcoinZ).
    • Equihash 96,5: --par=192,7(recommended), your coin personalization string (Ex:--pers Safecoin, --pers auto).
    • Equihash 96,5: --par=96,5, Minexcoin no need for personalization string (Ex:--pers ZcashPoW).
  • You can find additional command line arguments @ Usage and/or FAQ pages.

Then hit the Apply Changes button, and you can launch miniZ with Hive OS. 🙂

For support, questions and feedback use the comment box below.

Happy mining!


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