miniZ v1.7x3 is out!

Hi everyone,

Thanks a lot for your feedback! You can find miniZ version v1.7×3 here.

This is a fix for version v1.7×2 that was having some major issues with connections, and was not mining ETH in the RTX 30XX GPUs.

miniZ v1.7x2 is out!


* Fixed major issues handling connections on Windows.
* Added kernel for ETH mining with the RTX 30XX GPUs.
* Improved stale shares for all algos.

For additional information check our Usage or FAQ pages.

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Happy mining!


  1. User says:

    UBQhash will be added too? It is similar to ethhash…

    And this page should be updated:

    I am not sure if etchash (ETC) is supported, because help is confusing (not clear):

    Algorithm options:
    –par=[parameters] Algorithm parameters: 96,5|144,5|125,4|150,5|150,5,3|144,5s|192,7|210,9
    or progpow|ethash
    –pers=[pers_string] Personalisation string (or etchash|veil|sero|zano|VeriBlock).

    • miniZ says:

      Hi User,
      Thank you for your message.
      We will have a look at UBQhash.

      We’ve updated the page, thanks remembering us 🙂

      You can mine ETC with miniZ.
      We created a FAQ for ETC with a few examples for some supported pools.


  2. User says:

    This is what I see when I mine Calisto (CAL@2miners) with miniZ 1.7×3; ethash algo… Why is MH/W inf??

    0>GTX 1060 6GB[20] 100% [0.C/ 0%]* 19.18(18.83)MH/s 0( 0.0)W clk=1759MHz mclk=4004MHz MH/W=inf
    1>GTX 1060 6GB[20] 100% [0.C/ 0%] 22.81(22.34)MH/s 0( 0.0)W clk=1759MHz mclk=4004MHz MH/W=inf
    [ 0d 0h 8m30s] 42(41.1)MH/s 0( 0.0)W

    • miniZ says:

      Hi User,
      The inf issue, and missing temperature values, etc are related with nvml file that may be missing/misplaced or broken.

      Maybe it is best to update your driver and see if it solves your issue.

      If you don’t want to update your driver. You can try to find nvml file in your system.
      The file should be on the standard Windows locations, in \PROGRAM FILES\\NVIDIA Corporation\\NVSMI\\nvml.dll.
      And add it to the miniZ folder.

      Note: We haven’t give much attention to Callisto Network, for now you need to add --par=ethash for the right algorithm to start. 🙂


      • User says:

        In my case, it was result of parameter “–nonvml”. I run miniZ on RaveOS add they add this parameter to default configuration.. 🙁

        • miniZ says:

          Hi User,
          Good that you were able understand the problem.
          Did you manage to exclude the parameter?

          • User says:

            There is no easy way to fix it in RaveOS. I have to design custom package with miniZ miner; I have to modify “” that prepares miner parameters. It is easier to use different miner or to switch to different miner OS… Well, the parameter “–nonvml” is not critical, I just troubleshoot the miniZ miner in the console and noted that some information is missing in the output, it doesn’t affect GUI in any way.

            • miniZ says:

              Hi User,
              from what we read on RaveOS webpage, you can add parameters. (FAQ 22)
              But you cannot exclude them, right? Do you think that if we create an option that excludes nvml, this would help? (For example something like --forcenvml, or --addnvml.)

              • User says:

                I know about custom parameters in RaveOS. I tried that but it doesn’t work! Why? Custom parameters are not the last arguments but are in the middle of arguments and parameter “–nonvml” is the last one and cannot be overwritten, even with “–forcenvm”… Is there any reason why they want to use it? Is performance increased a little bit when “–nonvml” is used? Or they want to control fans from OS? I know how to create custom miner package but it is some work and I have to do it for each miniZ release. I would like to switch to RaveOS but I stay with HiveOS. Other issue is that fan runs almost at 100% when I run the same PC with RaveOS. At HiveOS, I have the same hashrate and fan runs at 60% only; I cannot explain it, GPU takes about 75W in both cases.

                • miniZ says:

                  Hi User,
                  With HiveOS the --nonvml option is not enforced.
                  We do not know why RaveOs wants to use --nonvml. Possibly the RaveOS system makes its own monitoring.
                  miniZ only uses nvml every 10s, so impact on performance is zero.
                  We can add an option --forcenvml that ignores the --nonvml in the command line, independently of where it is placed.

  3. aldo says:

    when trying to mine zcl on solopool its saying im worker not authorized

    C:\Users\aldom\Desktop\miners\miniz>miniZ.exe – –pass x
    ************ miniZ v1.7×3 ************
    Number of CUDA[8.0] devices found: 3
    Algo: EQ[192,7] [smart-pers]
    Pool#0: user[1RybogHgu4j5uJdA13TmXr6gszPe14ywCE.1070]
    server[] port[8004] ssl[no] pers[ZcashPoW]
    Telemetry: [http://localhost:20000]
    Temp. limit: [90°C]
    [INFO ] Mining fee set to 2.00%
    miniZ[11:0:00.0:5167]: Selecting GPU#1[1] GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER
    miniZ[01:0:00.0:7217]: Selecting GPU#0[0] GeForce GTX 1070 Ti
    miniZ[01:0:00.0:7217]: Selecting GPU#2[2] GeForce GTX 1070 Ti
    [ERROR ] – worker not authorized: 1RybogHgu4j5uJdA13TmXr6gszPe14ywCE.1070
    [ 0d 0h 0m02s] 97(97.2)Sol/s 135(135.0)W
    0>GTX 1070 Ti 100% [56°C/82%] 18.73 I/s 37.36(37.36)Sol/s 55( 55.5)W clk=1949MHz mclk=3827MHz Sol/W=0.67
    1>GTX 1660 SUPER
    100% [54°C/74%] 10.96 I/s 21.86(21.86)Sol/s 38( 37.9)W clk=1530MHz mclk=6958MHz Sol/W=0.58
    2>GTX 1070 Ti ` 100% [49°C/84%] 19.04 I/s 37.98(37.98)Sol/s 42( 41.6)W clk=1607MHz mclk=3855MHz Sol/W=0.91
    [ERROR ] – worker not authorized: 1RybogHgu4j5uJdA13TmXr6gszPe14ywCE.1070

    • miniZ says:

      Hi aldo,
      We were able to mine to
      But, not with your wallet address.
      Could you check it out? It does not seem to be a ZCL wallet.

  4. User says:

    I try to mine ETH with miniZ and I see “many” rejected results. I used GMINER in the past and there are almost no rejected shares when I mine with GMINER. I test miniZ with 2x GTX 1060, I mine at 2MINERS pool and after two days I see 1359/26 (Accepted/Rejected).

    There is interested post about “Stratum discard flag”, is this flag supported by miniZ?

    • miniZ says:

      Hi User,
      Thank you for the feedback.

      What are the messages that you see in the miniZ log?
      Could you paste them here? This can help understand the cause.

      Regarding the discard flag, miniZ should suport it if you use --cleanjobs option.

      Let us know if this helped.

      • User says:

        It was easier than I assumed. Accepted/Rejected ratio is 50/2 after about 2.5 of mining and this is the rejected share in the log (Bad share: Invalid share):

        [ 0d 2h26m30s] 40(40.0)MH/s 0( 0.0)W
        0>GTX 1060 6GB[20] 95.2% [0.C/ 0%] 19.34(19.33)MH/s 0( 0.0)W clk=1759MHz mclk=4004MHz MH/W=inf
        1>GTX 1060 6GB[20] 100% [0.C/ 0%] 20.69(20.68)MH/s 0( 0.0)W clk=1759MHz mclk=4004MHz MH/W=inf
        [WARNING] Bad share: Invalid share
        [ 0d 2h26m40s] 40(40.0)MH/s 0( 0.0)W
        0>GTX 1060 6GB[20] 95.2% [0.C/ 0%] 19.34(19.33)MH/s 0( 0.0)W clk=1759MHz mclk=4004MHz MH/W=inf
        1>GTX 1060 6GB[20] 96.0% [0.C/ 0%]* 20.69(20.68)MH/s 0( 0.0)W clk=1759MHz mclk=4004MHz MH/W=inf
        [ 0d 2h26m50s] 40(40.0)MH/s 0( 0.0)W

        • miniZ says:

          Hi User,
          thank you for the feedback.
          We may have understood the reason, we are looking into it.
          Could you try running miniZ with --mode=51? We expect this to cause much less rejected shares.
          Let us know how it goes.

  5. User says:

    The mining itself actually functions fine. I only have the issue of not getting temperature of GPU and thus being able to automatically use temperature limit.

    ./Downloads/miniZ_v1.7x3_linux-x64/miniZ –
    ************ miniZ v1.7×3 ************
    Number of CUDA[8.0] devices found: 1
    Cannot read health status! (is installed?): No such file or directory
    Algo: EQ[210,9] [smart-pers]
    Pool#0: user[0xa0a130dc99f4f8b182ae792cd7b2a41dc71df0e74a21f2b9d3ca9a25ee303d90.mxLanky]
    server[] port[2222] ssl[no] pers[AION0PoW]
    Telemetry: [http://localhost:20000]
    Temp. limit: [90°C]
    miniZ[11:0:00.0:3629]: Selecting GPU#0[0] GeForce GTX 1650
    [INFO ] Mining fee set to 2.00%

    Running nvidia-smi gives:
    | NVIDIA-SMI 460.32.03 Driver Version: 460.32.03 CUDA Version: 11.2 |
    | GPU Name Persistence-M| Bus-Id Disp.A | Volatile Uncorr. ECC |
    | Fan Temp Perf Pwr:Usage/Cap| Memory-Usage | GPU-Util Compute M. |
    | | | MIG M. |
    | 0 GeForce GTX 1650 Off | 00000000:01:00.0 On | N/A |
    | N/A 41C P8 5W / N/A | 185MiB / 3903MiB | 2% Default |
    | | | N/A |

    | Processes: |
    | GPU GI CI PID Type Process name GPU Memory |
    | ID ID Usage |
    | 0 N/A N/A 3063 G /usr/lib/xorg/Xorg 116MiB |
    | 0 N/A N/A 3440 G /usr/bin/kwin_x11 35MiB |
    | 0 N/A N/A 3446 G /usr/bin/krunner 1MiB |
    | 0 N/A N/A 3448 G /usr/bin/plasmashell 25MiB |

    Any help appreciated.

    • miniZ says:

      Hi User,
      Yes, temperature is important.
      Can you find the file?

      To know if you have you can search by running the command ‘locate’

      Maybe is not properly installed (could help reinstall the nvidia driver). Or, you may need to add it to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

      Let us know if you managed to get the temperature values back.

  6. Rando says:

    my PC name is showing up on the pool when mining with equihash125 algo, even though it is not being sent in the miner command:

    .\Bin\NVIDIA-miniZ\miniZ.exe –templimit 95 –intensity 100 –latency –tempunits C -cd 0 –telemetry 4068 –url –pass ID=main1,c=BTC,mc=ZEL –par=125,4 –ocX

    .\Bin\NVIDIA-miniZ\miniZ.exe –templimit 95 –intensity 100 –latency –tempunits C -cd 0 –telemetry 4068 –url –pass ID=main2,c=BTC,mc=ZER –algo 192,7 –pers auto –ocX

    i have tried changing main1’s command to “–algo 125,4 –pers auto” but the behavior persists.

    • miniZ says:

      Hi Rando,
      Your PC name shows because you did not specify a worker name. When you don’t specify the worker, miniZ uses the computer name as worker name.
      We don’t know why the pool displays your wallet instead of worker, probably the pool handles the situation differently on different algos.
      But you can specify a worker name for your rig and the pool will not show PC name.

      • User says:

        ZERGpool is mining pool with special rules. They do not use user field to pass rig name (WALLET.RIG_NAME), like most of other pools do. They use PASSWORD field to allow miner to configure pool (what coin to mine, what coin to set for payouts, to set payout limit, etc). Rig name is optional and could be added to password field.

        I tried miniZ against ZERGpool and I really see that miniZ (1.7x) stores computer hostname to user field (I see this when I connect to telemetry port). This is not good idea. My URL doesn’t contain ‘hostname’, only wallet but miniZ extends wallet address with hostname…

        miniZ – –pass=RIG1,c=DOGE,mc=LTZ –ocX

        What miniZ do:
        miniZ –url=myDOGEwallet.$(hostname) –pass=RIG1,c=DOGE,mc=LTZ –ocX

        • User says:

          I tried with different syntax but with the same result. This is a BUG, username is extended with hostname! Some pools don’t use address as username but they use regular username. miniZ will not be able to connect to such pool, so this is a bug, miniZ modifies username entered by user like it is smarter than user…

          miniZ --user=myDOGEwallet --pass=RIG1,c=DOGE,mc=LTZ –ocX

          YES, miniZ can mine DOGE (algo scrypt)… 😉 That is the trick of ZERGpool, it works in similar way like NiceHash that pays miners always in BTC. ZERGpool is configurable and it can be configured to exchange mined coins to BTC/LTC/DOGE and maybe others…

          • User says:

            I would like to see ALGO details in TELEMETRY page. I cannot see them there, only server URL, USERNAME, UPTIME, miniZ VERSION, etc. “ALGO” and “PERS” is missing… MiniZ can mine many different algorithms, so I would like to see it in telemetry page, that could be useful for troubleshooting. All details are printed when miner is started(and can be see in telemetry/console) but these are lost/overwritten after day or two of mining.

            • User says:

              I update the previous post with an explanation why I would like to see algo detail in the telemetry page. has username and server URL designed in the way, that there is no clue what algo or coin is mined…

              • miniZ says:

                Hi User,
                Sorry for taking a bit longer to reply.

                Regarding syntax with ZERGpool, we notice that the behavior does not happen equally among all algos. The pool has different criteria for different algos. When mining 125,4 the information appearing on the pool is different from 192,7 for example. (If we understood your question 🙂 ) The information appearing on the pool is defined by the pool itself, not the miner.

                However, we understand that in the case of pools that do not accept worker name this could be an issue. Although we do not know such a case we’ll remove the definition of worker=hostname when user does not specify the worker.

                In relation to Telemetry, we understand your concern. We’ll make some modifications to address this.
                At the moment, you can still see this information using --coolui, or in log file.

                Thank you for all your contribution!


  7. Дима says:

    Здравствуйте у меня есть карта msi 1050ti 4G, хочу майнить zcash или эфир это возможно???

    • miniZ says:

      Hi Дима,
      With 1050Ti you can mine all equihash coins (except Zcash), and most progpow coins.
      Also, etchash for Ethereum Classic.

  8. MH says:

    Would be nice to see some love for 30xx on 125/4.

    Seems like the performance over the 20xx should be more. Especially with $FLUX becoming one of the most profitable coins to mine.

    • miniZ says:

      Hi MH,

      We’ll try to make improvements for the 125,4 and RTX 30XX series.
      Thanks for using miniZ.


  9. SP says:

    Having a problem trying to mine BEAM in the Flypool pool. They have an example command line at the site but I can’t get the parameter switch to accept what I’m trying to feed it. 150,5,3 is given as the algo and it’s in the miniZ algo list, so I have no idea what’s going on. (Dropping –par defaults to 144,5.) Debian Linux 10.8, GTX 1050 Ti, nVidia proprietary drivers 460.67.

    $ ~/miniZ -v
    miniZ v1.7×3 @ cuda>=v8.0, 20/02/2021 21:19:57

    $ ~/miniZ –par=150,5,3 –url –log –extra
    [FATAL ] Algo not found 150,5,3[]

    • miniZ says:

      Hi SP,
      Beam is algo 144,5s. It’s their 3rd algorithm, sometimes also referred as beam3, or BeamHash III. 🙂

      The following should work:
      ./miniZ --url --log --extra

      You can add --par=144,5s but it should not be necessary.

  10. User says:

    miniZ v1.7×3 crashed while mining RVN at 2MINERS. It runs at Ubuntu Linux. Core dumped indicates some issue with illegal memory access…

    [ 0d 8h45m10s] 0>GTX 1060 3GB 100% [74°C/56%] 8.30(8.07)MH/s 75( 75.0)W clk=1265MHz mclk=3802MHz MH/W=0.11
    [INFO ] GPU[00]: Launching period 576078
    [ 0d 8h45m20s] 0>GTX 1060 3GB
    100% [74°C/56%] 8.32(8.07)MH/s 75( 75.0)W clk=1215MHz mclk=3802MHz MH/W=0.11
    [FATAL ] GPU[00] CUDA API error 0002 from <progpow>, line 236.
    ./ line 15: 7901 Segmentation fault (core dumped) ./miniZ --par=progpow --server="$POOL:$PORT" --user="$ADDRESS.$WORKER" --pass="$PASS" --ocX --smart-pers

    NVIDIA-SMI 460.73.01 Driver Version: 460.73.01 CUDA Version: 11.2

    • User says:

      Could be GPU memory usage reported at telemetry page? Well, I do not think that miniZ crashed because DAG cannot fit to GPU memory but that was the first idea on my mind, DAG for RVN cannot fit to 3GB memory anymore…

      • miniZ says:

        Hi User,
        You can check GPU memory by running nvidia-smi.
        We’ll consider your suggestion for telemetry.

        In Linux, when Raven DAG doesn’t fit, miniZ will alocate the missing chunk on the computer main memory, and performance will become more inefficient.

        Thanks for the suggestions.

    • miniZ says:

      Hi User,
      We’ll give it a close look.
      Thanks a lot for the feedback!

  11. GH says:

    Hey, I just started up with miniZ to mine beam, but Im having an issue that older posts have mentioned with the 1650.
    Invalid mode for GPU [0]
    Please help! D:

    • miniZ says:

      Hi GH,
      We are working on a new version that will resolve this issue.
      It should be out within 48h (maximum).
      Thank you for your preference!

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