miniZ v2.1c is out!

Hi everyone,

A new miniZ version v2.1c is out with support for kHeavyHash algorithm to mine KASPA, and support for new ZIL eppoch.

Please find miniZ version v2.1c Download page.



  • Added support for kHeavyHash algorithm (KASPA). Fee: 0.8%.
  • Added support for new ZIL epoch #1.
  • Improvements for CFX, for some NVIDIA gpus.
  • Improved invalid shares on CFX.


*** Thank you all for the feedback! ***

Remember to try --oc1/--oc2/--ocX options for optimum performance. (NVIDIA only)

For additional information check our Usage or FAQ pages.

*** Download miniZ latest version here. ***

Engage, feedback and support

Because your feedback is very important, miniZ kindly encourages you to use the comment box below for general questions and feedback.

Certainly we will strive to help you with any doubt and provide a solution to any problem you may encounter. In case you need to reach us, please check the Support page.

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  1. Cam says:

    Thank you so much for the update! Cheers

  2. alex says:

    btg+zilzil pool not workold ver miniz 2.0c5 all work.

  3. Tyler says:

    Hello, how do I skip/set the overclocks of specific cards in my bat file? I understand the -cd line to choose specific devices, but how do I skip cards that I do not want to overclock in the miner? I’m trying to understand how to use the–gpuclock –gpuoffset –memclock –power functions. Thanks

    • miniZ says:

      Hi Tyler,
      Thanks for the message.

      * With gpuclock/memclock options you can write 1 for auto.
      The following will apply 1600MHz to gpu #0, 1500MHz to gpu #2, it will ignore core settings for gpu#1:
      -cd 0 1 2 --gpuclock=1600,1,1500

      * With power option, you need to specify value 0. (1 should restore to stock value, it will be fixed in the next version)
      The following will apply 300W to gpus #0 and #2, it will ignore power settings for gpu#1:
      -cd 0 1 2 --power=300,0,300

      * With the gpuoffset/memoffset options you specify the value 1 for the offset.
      The following will apply 200MHz to gpu #0, -100MHz to gpu #1, it will ignore coreoffset settings for gpu#2:
      -cd 0 1 2 --gpuoffset=200,-100,1
      Note: if on Linux the value specified with memoffset (but not gpuoffset) should be twice the desired value.

      Let us know if this helps.

  4. Tomas says:

    Hey guys!I’m using hiveOS cfx+zilAfter upgrade from 2.05c to 2.1 on some 2060 super rigs i have high CPU load.OC is 1035 core and 2000 memwith previos version all was fine Do you know what can i do with it?

    • Tomas says:

      hight CPU i mean like this: LA 12.40 12.49 11.94

      • miniZ says:

        Hi Tomas,
        We cannot see high CPU load.
        Could you share which driver are you using?
        We’ll try to replicate this behavior.
        Thanks for your message.

        • Tomas says:

          i’m using 510.73.05 and 510.60.02.Hive’s versions is 5.4.0 and 5.10.0all rigs with 120 gb ssd and 8 gb ram

  5. Chris says:

    Can you please post the new extra argument for adding Zil? I use HiveOS and mine Flux. Thanks.

    • miniZ says:

      Hi Chris,
      Do you mean extra arguments for the flightsheet?

      When you’re creating the flightsheet, after selecting the miner, you can add extra arguments by clicking on ‘Setup miner config’.
      Clicking on ‘Setup miner config’ will open a new ‘miniZ configuration’ window, there on ‘Extra config arguments’ you can add the command for zil mining.
      It works just like setting up a second mining pool, a failover poor.

      For example, if mining Zil with Crazypool, you can add:

      Do not forget to write your zil wallet and worker name.

      For other examples, you can also read “How to mine Zilliqa (Zil)?” on FAQ page.

      Let us know if this helps.

  6. nono71x says:

    hello, under AMD 6800xt and 6700xt I still can’t mine equihash 192.7, kernel error. 144.5 works fine

    • miniZ says:

      Hi nono71x,
      miniZ-AMD supports Equihash 144,5 and Equihash 125,4. Support for 192,7 is not implemented.
      AMD support is also extended to Ethash/Etchash/UBQhash, ProgPow’s algos, KHeavyhash.
      Thanks 🙂

  7. Martin says:

    Hi,I’m trying to Dual mine FLUX and ZIL, but i can’t get it to switch to ZIL. I’m using this command in windows 11:miniZ.exe –– –log –extraand this in HiveOS extra config arguments: –pers auto–url=zil1843y4242w3v95chf2yzm5znln6stfthdxhxcnf.3060TI/ Nothing works. I have also been thrue ssl ports.

    • miniZ says:

      Hi Martin,
      Thank you for your message.
      Sorry for taking a bit longer to reply.

      We’ve tested the following and it is working well. With Linux and Win10.

      ./miniZ --log --extra -cd 2 0

      (We’ve also tested a few different worker names, without numbers or ‘_’, just in case…all went well)

      How are you checking the worker on Crazypool?
      You can check it here:

      For the workers to appear on Crazypool, they need to submit at least one share, and may take a few minutes to show. Our test workers only appeared ~6min after the switch back to Flux.

      Could you please check back on crazypool if your worker appears? Thanks.

      • Martin Schmidt says:

        It doesn’t work on Windows 11, I’ve tried countless combinations with no luck and if I use the -cd 0 2 agument in HiveOS the miner only uses 2 of my 6 GPUs for FLUX and still no ZIL mining

        • miniZ says:

          Hi Martin Schimdt,
          We’ve tested with HiveOS and it is working well.
          The -cd 0 2 option was just an example, it will only mine with GPU#0 and GPU#2.

          The thing we notice with the information you provide, is that there is a ‘ ‘ (space) missing in your command line.
          We are not sure if you copy-pasted here exactly, but it is worth to point out, and it may explain why miniZ doesn’t seem to mine ZIL.

          You pasted before the following:
          miniZ.exe --log --extra

          You need to insert a space between the two --url strings, right before the second --url: (...):7001 --url=zil1(...)

          The same applies when configuring with HiveOS.

          Could you please check it again, and see if this is the case? And could you report back if this was the culprit?

  8. John says:

    MiniZ is cloned at Github. I am not sure if that is official repository but Github has good support for issue reporting…

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