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  • Visit miniZ FAQ page!

    How long has it been since you last visited miniZ FAQ page? In the latest FAQs you can find information about dual/triple mining KLS, PYI or NXL, with any other algo + ZIL. Check it out! Follow us On X/Twitter Our thread on

  • miniZ v2.3c is out!

    Hi everyone, A new miniZ version v2.3c is out with support for KarlsenHash and PyrinHash algorithms. You can now mine Karlsen, Nexell-ia, or Pyrin. Additionally, you’ll be able to dual mine any algo with KLS/NXL/PYI. Also, add ZIL for a triple mining experience. 🙂 Please find miniZ version v2.3c @ Download page.   Changelog: Added support for PyrinHash algo – Pyrin… read more

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