miniZ v1.1k is out!

Hi everyone,

in the first place, thanks everyone for staying with us,  for your support and feedback!

There is a new miniZ version v1.1k for you to download and this time with support for Equihash 96,5 (MinexCoin – MNX). Additionally, v1.1k version has improved efficiencies for Equihash 144,5!

In brief:

  • Support for Equihash 96,5 (MNX).
  • Speed improvement up to ~6%, depending on GPU and OC settings.
  • Modified miner behavior when all user pools are down: miner stops mining and tries to reconnect every minute.
  • Cleaner console exit status for better OS management.
  • Bug fixes.

On Download page you can find Cuda 10 and Cuda 8 versions, for both Linux and Windows OS. It is important to point out that, in the case you have RTX GPUs you should use Cuda 10.0 versions. However, for other GPUs performance may depend on the driver you have installed. Therefore, you should test and see which performs best.

Equihash 144,5 current Sol/s:

  • GTX 1050 2GB ~19-20 Sol/s
  • GTX 1050 Ti 4GB ~20-22 Sol/s
  • GTX 1060 3GB ~36-40 Sol/s
  • GTX 1070 8GB ~59-65 Sol/s
  • GTX 1070 Ti 8GB ~64-74 Sol/s
  • GTX 1080 8GB ~65-73 Sol/s
  • GTX 1080 Ti 11GB ~88-96 Sol/s
  • RTX 2070 8GB ~63-71 Sol/s

Equihash 96,5 current KSol/s:

  • GTX 1050 2GB ~8.2-9.1 KSol/s
  • GTX 1050 Ti 4GB ~9.1-9.9 KSol/s
  • GTX 1060 3GB ~14.6-16.1 KSol/s
  • GTX 1070 Ti 8GB ~24.7-28.1 KSol/s
  • GTX 1080 8GB ~26.0-28.7 KSol/s
  • RTX 2070 8GB ~25.5-28.3 KSol/s

*Performance based on miniZ‘s tested GPUs. Hence, if your GPU model is not mentioned here we’d love to have your feedback!

Download miniZ miner v1.1k here!

*** It is advisable to always download from miniZ website, and always verify the checksum. ***

Engage, feedback and support

Because your feedback is precious, miniZ kindly encourages you to use the comment box below for general questions and feedback.

Equally important, you should know that we will strive to help you with any doubt and provide a solution to any problem you may encounter. In case you need to reach us, please check the Support page for additional information.

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Finally, miniZ wishes you a fast and friendly mining experience!


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  1. A Zaman says:


    i am using MiniZ on Hiveos. v1.2.
    whilst it is working – HiveOS is not displaying any information on the consoles.
    eg hashes per /card temp. etc.
    all i call see is the overall has,

    • miniZ says:

      Hi A Zaman,
      we suspect that maybe miniZ is not reading well the busid for some drivers.
      Could you tell us which HiveOS version and which NVIDIA driver version are you using?

  2. Ivan says:

    Hi, great miner but I think there is BIG issue. I can only confirm this for 150,5 BEAM algorithm as myself and multiple people in the community are experiencing this. The worker on the poolside goes offline after several hours but the actual miner on the machine keeps hashing and utilizing the cards but the hashes are going nowhere. So far the simple fix is to close and restart the miner but that really isn’t a fix. Could you guys please look into it, it happens randomly and no set of time. sometimes it will work for 12-18 hours and sometimes it will start showing offline on the pool after 2 hours. This is confirmed on several pools already that use SSL. Thanks, ur miner is by far the fastest.

    • raskul says:

      found similar.

    • miniZ says:

      Hi Ivan, raskul,
      We are sorry for this, we are aware of this issue and are looking into it.
      We already fixed a couple of things and we are currently testing the miner. We hope to release a new fixed version soon.
      Again, we are sorry about this. Thank you for your feedback.

  3. aka47 says:

    would like to know if you gonna give support for upcoming ZelCash algo fork that will be a variant of Equihash 125_4.


  4. armoredminer says:

    hi , ur miner submit a lot of invalid shares, and somerimes the hashrate is showing low almost by half on the pool side.

    • miniZ says:

      Hi armoredminer,
      Could you paste here your command line?

      • armoredminer says:

        thx for quick reply, miniZ is doing better on nvidia 1080’s cards than other miner and it’s a little faster but it submit invaled shares more than any other miner with same oc settings , at least for me

        miniZ.exe –url –pass –pers sngemPoW –log –extra

        • miniZ says:

          Hi armoredminer,
          thanks for using miniZ 🙂

          We tried your line:
          miniZ.exe --url --pass --pers sngemPoW --log --extra
          (--pass with no arguments is unnecessary)
          We don’t get invalid shares (red star), only rarely we have a stale share (yellow star).

          We are looking into this, but could you let us know which miniZ version are you using? And, what is the share efficiency showed in the miniZ output? (or paste here a bit of the miniZ output)
          Just another question, if you mine SnowGem to a different pool, do you have the same problem?


  5. Vasiliy says:

    Hello, will the new versions support VDS / VOLLAR mining?

    • miniZ says:

      Hi Vasiliy,
      we are considering this, yes.
      But we are not sure that it will be on the next version.
      Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. Luc1an says:

    Is there any way to get JSON API response through web?
    This could be done in a way like: or something like that.
    This would really help on getting live stats.

    • miniZ says:

      Hi Luc1an,
      we have some kind of standard json api.
      Please read here
      Is this useful for you? We will have a look and find a way to add it to a easier url-way.
      Thank you for your suggestion.

      • Luc1an says:

        Thank you for your response. I had some time off so I wasn’t able to respond.
        I tried getting data that way but it stops at reading of the response. Neither I am able to access we gui on that port.
        This is the string I am sending through tcp client stream: {\”method\”:\”getstat\”}\n”
        If you have any idea what should I do please tell me.

        • miniZ says:

          Hi Luc1an,
          maybe try adding the “id” part. Something like {"id":"0", "method":"getstat"}.
          You may need to add the ‘\’ character.
          Let us know if it worked.

          • Luc1an says:

            No still unable to access web gui or get data with the following line (“{\”id\”:\”0\”,\”method\”:\”getstat\”}\n”)
            I am accessing it the same way as EWBF miner API but it is stated that they are compatible right?

            This is my cmd line: “./miniZ.exe –par=150,5 – –port=3370 –user=xyz –cuda-devices=0 –telemetry=4000”

            • miniZ says:

              Hi Luc1an,
              try the same but insert a space after the comma:
              (“{\”id\”:\”0\”, \”method\”:\”getstat\”}\n”)
              Which language are you using?

  7. Sarosh Patel says:

    just started using MiniZ

    There is a PIC on your introductory page with GPU temps and all but
    after download when I run the GUI with the settings it doesn’t show anything like that

    How can I get it to show it

    please help

    • miniZ says:

      Hi Sarosh Patel,
      sorry for taking a bit longer than usual to respond.
      It seems you want to see the telemetry page. To see that page you need to open your browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome…) and open the same location that was specified in the command line. If you did not specify any telemetry port number the default location is http://localhost:20000/
      Check here for more information.
      Let us know if it worked.

  8. cryptoyes says:

    Your miner gets gradually slow on systems with many GPUs. It starts off with higher hashrate for the first few minutes and then slowly drops by up to 30% in speed. This is a sign of too much driver comms, keeping the CPU swamped with irq requests (Gminer had the same problem a few months ago but they fixed it).

    You should find a way to drop CPU utilization and driver usage. You should also add an option to disable nvml polling of temperature, fans, power etc.

    13x gtx1070, i3-7100, 8 GB ram, Ubuntu x64, nvidia 415.27, cuda 10.0

    [b]Gminer 150,5:[/b] 270+ H/s, steady. CPU utilization is about 60-80%. I can communicate with the GPUs while it’s mining as usual.

    [b]miniZ 150,5:[/b] starts at ~250 H/s for a about 1 minute, then gradually drops to ~180 H/s within ~2 minutes. CPU is kept at 100% at all times and any GPU command issued hangs (e.g. nvidia-smi hangs entirely). The nvidia driver is totally hogged.

    I tried lowering –intensity and the CPU utilization drops, but the hashrate drops significantly too, even if I use –intensity 99. Max I can get is about ~195 H/s.

    I also tried –oc1 and –oc2. Also tried –telemetry 0 (doesn’t disable nvml polling). Nothing made any difference (even though I have them overclocked and at lower power limits).

    I’m willing to test a beta if you’re willing to work on this. PM me. I manage a small farm.

    • miniZ says:

      Hi cryptoyes,
      thank you so much for your availability.
      We have been unable to reproduce this problem. However, we made a few changes when introducing the new Beam algo, for the next release.
      Maybe you can try it and let us know if you see a difference in cpu usage. It should be out within ~24h.
      We also introduce an option to disable nvml.

    • miniZ says:

      Hi cryptoyes,
      v1.5q is out! We fixed slow start for some GPUs/rigs. us know if this issue is solved with the new version.

  9. NSD says:

    Any reason you have not added Conceal

    ticker: CCX
    Algo: CryptoNight Fast.

    thanks in advance..

    • miniZ says:

      Hi NSD,
      miniZ is a Equihash CUDA miner. At the moment there are no plans to support non-Equihash algorithms.
      Thanks for your interest.

  10. Luc1an says:

    Hi miniZ
    I have a request for you.
    We have implemented a plugin for your miner but we have a problem with device ordering
    Could you please show busID in device row when launching miniZ with –cuda-info command?

    Ex: #0 GeForce GTX 1060 6GB | SM version: 6.1 | SM count: 10 | Memory: 4.96GB | BusID: 00:02:00 (or something like this)

    Thank you very much!