miniZ v1.0j is out!

Hi everyone,

in the first place, we would like to thank everyone for all your support and feedback!

There is a new miniZ version v1.0j with improved efficiencies!

In brief:
* Speed improvement up to ~4%, depending on GPU.
* Current/average power added to console and log/output file.
* Current/average total power added to console and log/output file.
* Added accepted share efficiency per GPU, expressed as a percentage (Accepted Shares/Total Shares * 100)
* Added --shares-detail option to show accepted/rejected shares per GPU, instead of accepted share efficiency.
* Added --log-delay option to define the time to wait (in seconds) before starting periodic writes to the log/output file.
* Added --log-period option to define the time interval (in seconds) between periodic writes to the log/output file.
* Added --f11 option for small tuning. (see Usage page)
* Windows Cuda 10.0 version (excluded Cuda 9.2).
* Bug fixes.

Like the previous version, we added support for RTX 20xx GPUs. If you happen to try miniZ on these GPUs, give us feedback so that we can keep improving the miner.

Use Cuda 10.0 versions with the RTX GPUs. Other GPUs should perform better with Cuda 8.0 versions.

Hive OS support @

Current Sol/s:

  • GTX 1050 2GB ~18-19 Sol/s
  • GTX 1050 Ti 4GB ~20-21 Sol/s
  • GTX 1060 3GB ~34-38 Sol/s
  • GTX 1070 Ti 8GB ~63-72 Sol/s
  • GTX 1080 8GB ~64-72 Sol/s
  • GTX 1080 Ti 11GB ≥85 Sol/s (stock settings)

*Performance based on miniZ‘s tested GPUs. Hence, if your GPU model is not mentioned here we’d love to have your feedback! 🙂

Download miniZ miner v1.0j here!

*** It is advisable to always download from miniZ website, and always verify the checksum. ***

Happy mining!

Engage, feedback and support

Because your feedback is precious, miniZ kindly encourages you to use the comment box below, for general questions and feedback.

Additionally, miniZ created a few posts to help and guide specific problems you may experience while running/starting miniZ miner, or other requests or information you may want to share:

  • In case you’re having trouble running/starting miniZ miner, comment here.
  • If you want report a problem with a specific GPU/architecture, comment here.
  • Do you wish to exchange and/or compare information with others, such as OC settings or Sol/s? Comment here.
  • Also, to report any trouble connecting to a specific pool, comment here.

Your first comment needs to pass a spam check, so please be patient if you don’t see it online immediately.

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Finally, miniZ wishes you a fast and friendly mining experience!


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  1. BTC User says:

    yesterday, one of the rig mining BTG using v1.0j continue mining to dev pool and didn’t submit share to my pool for 2 hours. After 2 hours when I restarted my miner then it again started submitting share to my pool. Please do needful. This is really disappointing.

    • miniZ says:

      Hi BTC User,

      we are sorry about this. What you report can happen when the connection to the pool is lost for some reason. The miner continues mining but, when the connection is back, it will compensate the time it mined to dev pool. It will not submit to the dev pool for the necessary time to re-balance the percentages again. If for some reason the miner cannot reconnect to the user pool this might be a problem.

      Some miners tend to prefer this method since the miner doesn’t exit and the rig/farm will not stop mining. On the next release we will add an option to quit if the miner is unable to connect to any user pools after some time.

      This has been working very well, and no one ever reported such problem. From what you wrote, it seems this is what happened.

      The best way to avoid this is to set more than one pool. For example, when two pools are defined, if the connection to the first pool is lost it will connect to the second one. Usage example:

      ./miniZ --log --extra

      Thank you for the feedback. Please let us know if the issue persists.

      • BTC User says:

        I am sure that there is connection available with the pool as another rig was connected to the pool and submitting share to the pool and also all rig are in the same network.

      • BTC User says:

        Also, I would like to give suggestions that when there is no connection will pool for some time then my miner should stop mining and every few second should check for connectivity and once connection established it should again start mining.

        I feel this would be a really good feature as during that time we can save for electricity.

        • miniZ says:

          Hi BTC User,
          we will try to reproduce this behavior. And we will follow your suggestion for the next version.
          Let us know if something like this happens again.