Improving performance at lower power

miniZ includes a command line argument for improving performance at lower power values. When you’re adjusting your power and OC setting values you can play around with the optimization option --f11. This is useful for Equihash 144,5 algo only.

You can set it to levels [0-3], however 0 and 1 are the interesting ones. --f11=1 is the default value and the best for stock settings.

Usually, at low power --f11=0 produces better efficiency.

For the 1070 Ti  (pl:90 W, core clk: +240, mem clock: -300) we get:

With --f11=1 (default):
[ 0d 2h31m48s] 0>GTX 1070 Ti 100% [49°C/45%]*25.85 I/s 51.6(51.7)Sol/s  88( 89.2)W

With --f11=0:
[ 0d 3h 2m54s] 0>GTX 1070 Ti 99.8% [49°C/45%]*26.32 I/s 52.6(52.6)Sol/s  90( 89.5)W

As you can see, in this case there is a significant performance improvement by setting --f11=0. You should check this for your own settings and GPUs.

For other command line arguments check Usage page.

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