How to start mining Bitcoin Gold (BTG) with miniZ?

If you want to start mining Bitcoin Gold (BTG) and do not know exactly how to set up miniZ miner and the pool parameters, then you may find this post useful.

Below, we list a few examples to get you mining Bitcoin Gold with miniZ and help you get off to a smooth start.

Because these are just a few examples, you should check each pool page since more than one server and port number may have been defined.

* These examples are written for Linux console, in case you’re using Windows just substitute ./miniZ by miniZ.exe . *

  • Suprnova.cc
    ./miniZ --url --log --extra

    Using SSL port connection

    ./miniZ --url ssl:// --log --extra
    ./miniZ --url --log --extra
    ./miniZ --url --log --extra
  • 2miners.com
    ./miniZ --url --log --extra
    ./miniZ --url --log --extra
    ./miniZ --url --log --extra
    ./miniZ --url --log --extra
    ./miniZ --url --log --extra

For more information about miniZ command line arguments, please refer to Usage page.

Happy BTG mining!

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  1. Andrey says:

    Coin transfer statistics to my wallet (one video card setup is the same):

    o’clock received in wallet ver. in an hour
    187,35 0,27169033 MiniZ 1.0h 0,001450175
    329,12 0,54586835 MiniZ 1_0i+ 0,001658569
    177,47 0,33509988 miniZ_v1.0j 0,001888206
    366,43 0,61148364 miniZ_v1.1k 0,00166876
    336,06 0,66948752 miniZ_v1.2l 0,001992167
    275,29 0,45662489 miniZ_v1.2m_cuda10 0,001658705

    while miniZ_v1.2l in the lead!

    • miniZ says:

      Hi Andrey,
      thanks for keeping us up to date with your findings, it will help us to improve miniZ.
      Looking forward for your test on the 1.3n version 😉

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