How to use miniZ with Hive OS

Hi everyone,

we made a package for you to use miniZ with Hive OS.

* Tested on Hive OS 0.6, and added compatibility with Hive OS 0.5. *

To use miniZ with Hive OS, you only have to create a new Flight Sheet: in Miner field select custom, then click in Setup Miner Config and fill the necessary fields as you see in the example figure.

*** Package is updated to v1.3n5 ***

  • Miner name: miniZ
  • Installation URL:
  • Hash algorithm (choose from the drop down menu list): equihash 150/5, equihash 144/5, equihash 192/7 or equihash 96/5
  • Wallet and worker template:
    • ssl mining: ssl://%WAL%.%WORKER_NAME%
    • No ssl mining: %WAL%.%WORKER_NAME%
  • Extra config arguments:
    • Equihash 150,5:--par=150,5, Beam no need for personalization string.
    • Equihash 144,5:--par=144,5(no need, default), your coin personalization string (Ex:--pers BgoldPoW, --pers BitcoinZ).
    • Equihash 96,5: --par=192,7(recommended), your coin personalization string (Ex:--pers Safecoin, --pers auto).
    • Equihash 96,5: --par=96,5, Minexcoin no need for personalization string (Ex:--pers ZcashPoW).
  • You can find additional command line arguments @ Usage and/or FAQ pages.
Figure 1. Hive OS custom configuration support for miniZ integration.

Figure 1. Hive OS custom configuration support for miniZ integration. Example for mining Beam, with ssl.

Then hit the Apply Changes button, and you can launch miniZ with Hive OS. 🙂

For support, questions and feedback use the comment box below.

Happy mining!


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  1. Robi says:

    I tried to setup on hiveos, I follow the instructions and no way go.
    Miner name: miniz
    Installation URL
    Hash algorithm:
    equihash 144/5
    Wallet and worker template:
    Pool URL:
    Extra config arguments:

    What am I doing wrong?
    thx robi

    • miniZ says:

      Hi Robi,
      could you paste here the console output?
      You are following our instructions for helping miners before Hive OS integration.
      A couple of weeks ago Hive 0.6-40 (2019-05-06) has integrated miniZ out of the box, maybe you could give it a try.