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  • Which algo for 1060 3GB at this moment?

    Hi everyone, Motivated by a question on Twitter we did a quick check into which algorithm is more profitable to mine with the GTX1060 3GB. A straigthforward and pragmatic approach to answering this question can be given by navigating to and filling in the hashrates/power consumption for all miniZ supported algorithms. We filled in the values for various conditions, namely… read more

  • Visit miniZ FAQ page!

    We continue updating miniZ FAQ page. In the latest FAQ you can find information about tuning  miniZ efficiency and performance, particularly about miniZ command line options --oc1 and --oc2 (first introduced in v1.2m) to adjust the miner for your GPU at distinct overclock/power limit values. Now we have organized a table with detailed information on which gpus and algos have this option. Check… read more

  • My Sol/s…

    You can help updating this table. Leave your comment below with your Sol/s per GPU, and OC settings, as this might help others to tweak their configurations. miniZ will try to update these numbers, based on your best reported values.  

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