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  • miniZ v1.8z is out!

    Hi everyone, A new miniZ version v1.8z is out with improved performance and stability for Ethash mining locked GPUs. Based on your feedback, we introduced a few new options with this release. Also, you can also find that miniZ is starting to support AMD mining! For the moment support is only for 125,4 algo and for RX 470/480/570/580 GPUs. Soon… read more

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  • miniZ v1.8y4rc2 – beta version- is out!

    Hi everyone, Thank you for all your support and feedback. The new release miniZ v1.8y4rc2 (beta) is out. We’ve been working with the RTX 3060, RTX 3070 Ti, and the RTX 3080 Ti. We manage to improve performance for LHR GPUs, on ethash mining. Although it is not yet perfect, we hope this version will offer improvements for all of you.… read more

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  • miniZ v1.8y4rc1 – beta version- is out!

    Hi everyone, We just released a beta version miniZ v1.8y4rc1. Changelog: Improved stability for mining locked GPUs while mining ETH. Fixed rejected shares on 3060s. (Let us know if you get any.) If you get many invalid, and are overclocking, it may be usefull to use the option --dag-fix. Added --nohttpheaders to remove http headers from getstat api. You can… read more

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