How to save all statistics to filename in CSV format?

From v1.5q you can save statistics to an csv format.

Define the desired csv filename by adding --csv [filename] to your command line. This will create a file with data separated by commas.

The data you’ll find in the csv file:

* Run time information: run_time,unix_time,human_time,

* Mining pool: mining_pool,

* Personalisation string: pers_string,

* Shares information (total, for rig): sum_shares_ok,sum_shares_stale,sum_shares_invalid,

* Ping information: ping,

* User pool and fee servers share: pool.server,fee.server,

* I/s, Sol/s, Sol ratio information (total, for rig):  sum_Is,sum_Is_avg,sum_Sols,sum_Sols_avg,sum_solratio,

* Power information (total, for rig): sum_power,sum_power_avg,

* Information per GPU (#GPU number 1,2,3…): pcibus_1,gpuname_1,shares_ok_1,shares_stale_1,shares_invalid_1,temperature_1,fan_speed_1,clock_1,mem_clock_1,iterations_1,iterations_avg_1,sols_1,sols_avg_1,solratio_1,power_1,power_avg_1,sol_watt_1

Happy mining!


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