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  • miniZ v1.6v is out!

    Hi everyone, A new version miniZ v1.6v is out with added support for the new Beam algorithm – BeamHash III (144,5-siphash) – a new algorithm introduced for Beam mining in the upcoming Beam hard fork at block height 777777, expected on 28 June 2020. miniZ will automatically switch for the new algorithm. You can mine Beam the way you have… read more

  • miniZ v1.5t3 is out!

    Hi everyone, A new version miniZ v1.5t3 is out with great improvements for 125,4 – ZelHash – and 150,5,3 – BeamHashII – for ZEL and BEAM mining. We have updated 125,4 and 150,5,3 performance tables (stock, eco, eco70, and max power oc) @ 125,4 and 150,5,3 algorithm performance pages, respectively. Download miniZ v1.5t3 here. Changelog: 125,4 (ZEL): major improvements for various GPUs.… read more

  • miniZ v1.5t2 is out!

    Hi everyone, A new version miniZ v1.5t2 is out with improvements for 150,5,3 – BeamHashII – for BEAM mining. Major improvements for GTX 1660 Ti, 1080 Ti, and RTX GPUs (~2-4%). Up to ~6% for 1660 Ti, in some OC settings. We have updated 150,5,3 performance tables (stock, eco, eco70, and max power oc) @ 150,5,3 algorithm performance page. Download miniZ v1.5t2 here. Changelog: Improvements for… read more


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