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  • miniZ v1.9z5 is out!

    Hi everyone, A new miniZ version v1.9z5 is out with many new improvements and features. Performance improvements for AMDs mining 125,4 / 144,5. Up to ~10%, depending on GPU and OCs! Added better support for fan control, --gpuoffset/--memoffset options for NVIDIA GPUs (Linux).1 Please find miniZ version v1.9z5 @ Download page.   Changelog: AMD improvements 125,4 up to 10%, depending on GPUs… read more

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  • miniZ v1.9z2 is out!

    Hi everyone, A new miniZ version v1.9z2 is out with performance improvements for AMD GPUs, on Flux! Fixed major bug causing miner to fail start, on Windows. Please find miniZ version v1.9z2 @ Download page. Changelog: Performance improvements for some AMD gpus, on Flux. Major improvements for the RX 6800 XT. Fixed issues that were causing the miner to fail start,… read more

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  • miniZ v1.5u2 is out!

    Hi everyone, A new version miniZ v1.5u2 is out with a fix for an issue that on ZEL mining was not submitting shares on ex. 2miners. We also had the opportunity to adjust kernels for the 1070. It should start with the best kernel now, on stock settings. We will keep working to make miniZ better. Thank you all for… read more

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  • miniZ v1.5u is out!

    Hi everyone, A new version miniZ v1.5u is out with major improvements for 144,5 – ZHash – and minor for 125,4 – ZelHash. We have updated 144,5 and 125,4 performance tables (stock, eco, eco70, and max power oc) @ 144,5 and 125,4 algorithm performance pages, respectively. Download miniZ v1.5u here. As announced before, in this version we have stopped Cuda 8 support. Changelog:… read more

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  • Get ready for ZEL! New algo 125,4 – ZelHash

      ZelCash will undergo a mandatory network upgrade – Kamiooka – @ block 372 500, estimated: 3rd july 2019. More info here. Check here block height:   miniZ just released version v1.4o that supports the new algo 125,4 – ZelHash. You will need to update miniZ to get ready to mine ZEL! 🙂 Download here.   Also, to mine 125,4 you need… read more

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